"To know how to say what others only know how to think is what makes men poets or sages; and to dare to say what others only dare to think makes men martyrs or reformers - or both"
Elizabeth Charles

I am the engulfing darkness
I am the saving light
I am your secret lover
Deep inside the night

I am your brightest hope
I am your darkest fear
You push me away
Yet you long to hold me near.

I am everything you love
I am everything you hate
I am your destiny
I am your fate

I am the rain, so cold and dark
I am the starless night, empty and stark
I am the sun, golden and bright
I am the sky, fathomless light

I am the wind
Whispering through the trees
I am your conscience
Hovering on the breeze

I am the ocean
A vast mystery unknown
I am the seeds of life
That have yet to be sown

I am your past,
With just a taste of regret
I am the future
Full of dreams to be met.

I am everything
All that you can see
I am nothing
except what you want me to be.

A misty shadow in the moonlight
on a cold and dark and starry night.

A haunting whisper rising on the chilling wind,
like a cry of anguish from one who has sinned.

The ghost of a kiss, barely felt
The warrior soul of some long forgotten Celt.

The gentle warmth of her soft touch upon my skin.
I awoke from the dream...wondering where I had been.

A gentle fragrance in the evening air,
like the perfume that lingers in her shimmering hair.

Her gypsy spirit, so wild and restless.
Her glowing laughter...it leaves me breathless.

That dark sorrow mirrored in her deep brown eyes
speaks of too many falsehoods and grievous alibis.

She smiles wistfully, it washes over me like a sweet caress.
Id stop the world for her, how could I do any less?

Carefully she guards her private heart,
knowing that she alone has been set apart.

I see the haunted look on her face,
as she bows her head and prays to God for his divine grace.

No one can know the war within her soul,
or how she cries at night when she feels unwhole.

If only someone could understand...
I was lost with one touch of her hand.

On the tip of my tongue, I can still taste the salt of her tears.
It was only a moment, but it seemed like years and years.

One moment shes in your face, almost like a dare,
and the next shes hiding shyly behind the curtain of her hair.

I caught a glimpse of her heart, all her hopes, all her fears.
The heat of her burning anguish, how it sears!

I can still feel the depth of that soul searching stare
Now I wonder.... was she ever really there?
In Pursuit of Bronwyn

On the horizon Bronwyn rises like the breeze
Her distance eats at me like some fetid disease

Her spirit taunts me in the darkest night
I alone saw her poised on the edge, ready for flight.

I held her here, wrapped so tightly in my embrace
But slowly she slipped away like smoke through lace.

I denied her, as I begged for more
Now her loss cuts me to the very core.

She is a glorious angel, for her heart is gentle and pure.
And I as a mere mortal man, her pain cannot cure.

She is the daughter of the devil, who sucks from her the light
But God above lifts her up until she is shining and bright.

What manner of creature is she who plays this faery's game?
Some spirited woodland creature much too wild to tame.

She is ancient like the wind that blows upon the moor.
I'd give anything to get back to where I was before.

Her eyes are fathomless obsidian, the calm before the storm.
She shimmers in the fading light, taking on an ethereal form.

She calls to me, her siren's song sung in deep despair
I reach for her, reach for her longing to be caught in her lair.

I am overcome as she wraps me in her mystic spell
Pain surges through me as I am caught in the weaves of my own private hell.

Screaming, screaming! I am on my knees!
I can bare no more, please, please, please!

White light
Bright light
Shining radiant light
The walls are closing in
My sight is growing dim, dim.
Dark night
Black night
Horrible, cloying night
Death is closing in.
My life is at the end, the end.

Bronwyn, my love, she is retreating
My last glimpse of her was fleeting, fleeting….