Set apart, I have been set aside;
Alone I stand, and alone I will reside.
A fallen angel doomed to be
alone in the darkness, steeped in misery.
Tainted blood pulses through my dying heart.
Cursed poison in my blood from the very start.
Tear-filled eyes lifted to the heavenís;
Eyes black with deep despair.
A voice above me whispers,
"Your place is not yet there."
On my knees I beg to be allowed to die.
A voice from the darkness whispers,
"Death is nothing more than a sweet lie"
I wonder to myself what it would be like....
That one last final sigh.
Morpheus take me
to that warm cocoon,
wrapped in sparkling stars
bathed in the light of the moon.

Pillow my head
on a billowing cloud.
Wrap your darkness around me,
like a mystic shroud.

Ever so gently,
you close my eyes.
You lift me up.
Reality dies.

Guard my dreams
and be still my racing mind.
Easy my aching soul,
and let the tension unwind.

Morpheus take me
far, far away.
Itís a small respite
from the light of day.

I will stand my ground,
Ďtil they drag me down
if I think it really matters.
There comes a time
when you have to stand for something
or just stand aside.
Would you lose it all.
when you know you canít win?
at least you sleep at night
Honour is just a ancient relic
and I search to find it
like some men seek the holy grail.
When I slide,
I feel it inside
a tiny nick
another transgression
to be recorded in Godís book.
I know Iíve let too much slip
Everyday I try to be more
but methods clash
ideals drift
does flexibility have to mean compromise?
Would I be a martyr
if the call came down?
The answer scares me more than I care
to admit.
This world is not the same
It is much more than just change
it reeks of desperation
with an edge of chaos
Riding high on the crest of a wave
that is destined to come crashing down
upon the rocks.
How many more sacrifices
will the gods of progress demand?
The world grows soft like an overripe fruit
that bruises at the touch of our heavy hands.